Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Is Faith More Reliable Than Science?

“Science is not only less reliable than faith, but faith is used in science."

Did I miss the science Crusades, the science Thirty Years War, or the science Spanish Inquisition?

How reliable is your faith, exactly? Are you a Christian? If so, what kind of Christian are you?

If you’re a Catholic, you may believe that your god directly revealed himself to a line of men who frequently embodied corruption, nepotism, and hypocrisy.

If you’re a Protestant, you’re already admitting that your faith is not 100% reliable, because why would there need to be a Reformation if faith is generally reliable?

If you’re Orthodox, how do you explain the abundance of Protestants and Catholics if faith is so reliable?

If you’re any kind of Christian, then how do you explain the plentiful and confusing abundance of contradicting interpretations of the same exact sacred texts?

If you're a Muslim, which tradition do you adhere to? How do you explain the existence and persistence of other sects? Why is your faith so fragile? Your holy book is even written in the same universal language, and you still have many of the same problems as the Christians.

You think faith is reliable? The wise walk by sight, not by faith.


Billy Deaton said...

Of course faith is more reliable. With faith, you've decided the answer before hand, and interpret the results however you want. You know, because religion is 'personal' and God works in mysterious ways and he answers everybody's prayers with a subtle brush stroke.

So if I pray for a new car and 13 years later my old car is stolen, God has cleared the way for me to buy a new car. The prayer has worked.

Oh, unless you meant, when held to the standards of the scientific method. Then science wins, but theists will tell you it's rigged somehow.

Anonymous said...

Or, if you receive news that a new "missing link" is dug up out of a swamp in the UK, and named "Piltdown Man", then, that's GOT to be truth, because, as we all know, our men of science NEVER lie!

Nor do they fake anything, either, because their 'science' is right on, and definitely provable, although Dick Dawkins hasn't got a fucking clue how to do it!

Keep praying for that car, Billy, and I'll keep praying that Dick grows a brain big enough to comprehend what any Sunday School waif knows implicitly... that God is Creator, and atheists are dumbasses!

Anonymous said...

"If you’re a Protestant, you’re already admitting that your faith is not 100% reliable, because why would there need to be a Reformation if faith is generally reliable?"

I suppose, witless, it would have to do with the fact that the reformation was about refuting CATHOLIC dogma, not Protestant theology. Faith wasn't even a factor in that system, it was all about obedience... obey the pope or die! Faith over works was introduced AFTER the fact.

As for the variety of faiths, there is, of course, only ONE TRUE faith, the others being interpretations. What makes me right and them wrong is that I follow the literal Word of God, which isn't the popular version. I don't put my own slant on it. I never say, "Well, I believe...", I say "God says..." No fucking around!

And, you know what GOD says about those that don't believe? They are FOOLS! (Psalm 53:1) And, it just happens (coincidentally, of course!) to fall into line with my belief on the subject, too, only you can substitute the word fools for idiots!

My faith is more reliable than anything an atheist can come up with. History... a LONG history of Christianity, proves that!